Sunrise: Beauty in the Transition

As I’m up before the sun, I get to watch the sky turn from dark to light. Each day, it happens.  But each day it happens differently. Yesterday, the sun peered over the rooftops, blazed through my dining room window and lit everything in the room - including my face - a warm-gold color.  This... Continue Reading →


Jehovah Shammah

At 4:55 this morning, as my husband was walking out the door, I said two sentences that encapsulated so many emotions and things that worry me.  I discussed finances and what we may have to cut out of our life to stay at our budget, and I said something about needing a few weeks to... Continue Reading →


God is a jealous God.  This is an amazing concept when we stop and think about it.  We often view being jealous as a bad thing, but there’s times when jealousy is good and appropriate.  The way a spouse is jealous for the other is a good example of jealousy. I remember how Brandon was... Continue Reading →

Jehovah Jireh

  Jehovah Jireh means “The Lord will provide.”  I always knew that growing up, but getting it to travel the 18 inches from my head to my heart wasn’t so easy. We had bought our house on November 1st, 2017, moved in the first week of December, and had James mid-January.  I was out of... Continue Reading →

The God Who Seeks

When I was reading through Genesis 16 for the previous post on the name of God: El-Roi, a note I made in the margins said, “My sweet, seeing and speaking God is also a seeking God (Gen. 3:9).”  I couldn’t not follow up with this Scripture / truth.  Our God is not only the God... Continue Reading →


This name of God comes from the story Hagar in the wilderness in Genesis 16.  Abram (later to be called Abraham) had been told by God that he'd become a great nation, but at this point, Sarai (later to be called Sarah) his wife was getting old.  She doubted that her husband's lineage would continue... Continue Reading →

Jehovah Nissi

Not far after the story that gave us the name “Jehovah Rapha” is the one that gives us another name of God: “Jehovah Nissi.”   Jehovah Nissi - the Lord your Banner. This name comes from Exodus 17:8-16.  This is the story of Moses holding the staff of God over his head to give the... Continue Reading →

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