My Resurrected King is Resurrecting Me

Life is still as crazy as the last time I made a life update two months ago. 

We moved into our first house on December 4th, and we are loving the quiet and quaint neighborhood. The dog has been sick for a while. The pregnancy is progressing. Everything is going well, but life’s still busy. I was beginning to think being busy is God’s plan for the Shackelford’s. We went from two different churches, ministries, and a long distance relationship, to marriage and full schedules between work and school. “Just once we’re done school, things will slow down,” we thought. But we got plugged into church, Brandon worked long hours, I worked weekends photographing weddings, and it seemed like we were still busy and tired. 

It’s no surprise that we aren’t in one season of life for long. We are quickly transitioned from one busy season to another. And in 4 short weeks, we will be transitioning to parenthood. 

I cannot wait to meet our little man! 

Even through all the busyness, the Lord has been meeting me and I feel like He has been resurrecting my spirit. He’s been refreshing me and giving me life. I have a fresh hunger to see Him in the little things of everyday. And as weird as this sounds, He’s been using technology as a tool to do it. 

Shocker, right? I’ve always heard that if you want to grow with Jesus, you need to put the technology away. And I am totally on board for unplugging more and spending more time reading and in meditation and prayer. But the iDisciple app on the way to work, Pinterest verses of how God is present with us, and how He will not permit His people to fail, blog posts about being a better and godly wife, etc. have all been encouraging me to pursue Him more. They’ve been reminding me that He is in control, He cares, He’s here, He hears, and He has our little family right in the center of His hand, His heart, and His will. He is resurrecting me throughout each day. 

He is the Risen King, the already-resurrected One, and He is in the business of resurrecting His children. 

We are resurrected to life when we mortify the flesh. 

Last night in youth group, even though the leaders outnumbered the youth, I was encouraged by what our other leader said. He talked about the Cross, crucifixion, mortification, and how there is NO TURNING BACK. There is no way to restore what’s been mortified. There’s no coming off the Cross once you’re on it. There’s no restoring what’s been crucified. And this is what Paul says we are to do to our flesh – our own desires that contradict the Spirit of God – kill it. 

Our flesh is to be crucified with Christ. He is to live in us, and not we ourselves any longer. Our flesh is to be mortified, which the leader portrayed by smashing a perfectly good piece of cake with his fist. It’s done, ruined. It won’t be restored to the form that piece of cake was in before he smashed it. 

As we grow in Christ, as we cherish Him above all else and mortify anything that stands between, we will know His power of resurrection.

We all need more of His power of resurrection. Whether we are empty and dry, or feel full and wanting more.  We need more of Jesus and to know more of the power of His resurrection. It is is the power over temptation, the power to cross one over from death to life through salvation, and the power to raise our dropping hands.  It’s the fresh fire we long for in our spirituality: the power of His resurrection. 

One day, Christian, you will be raised with Christ to life. One day, all of this world as we know it, with all of our distractions, frustrations and affections, will pass. And all that will be before us is our resurrected Jesus. Oh for grace to live with such understanding! How differently would we spend our time? What would consume our thoughts? How different our responses would be to life. 

This year, of 2017, as the Lord brings new life into our family, I’m praying for new life spiritually in ourselves, our home, our relationships and our church. I’m praying the power of His resurrection would saturate His people’s minds, and that it would be the catalyst for change in Philadelphia and the world. 

He is a big and powerful God and He has big and powerful things planned for us to do through His Spirit. 

I recently saw this quote and was encouraged: “God created the heaven and earth in six days. Who’s to say He can’t change your life in one day. Stay faithful, it’s coming.”

He is already in our tomorrow, waiting to wake us into His presence and power. Be faithful in each day; He is a good God. He will resurrect your spirit, and will use you to resurrect others in His name as well. 

Here is the song that inspired the name for this blog and is suited to end this post. It’s called Resurrecting by Elevation Worship


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