Easter’s Meaning

Typically in April, I begin thinking more about the events of the Cross.  I think of all that Jesus went through.  Though blameless, accused.  Though perfect, condemned.  Though powerful, willingly subjected to beatings and a tree. Good Friday is for remembering the hours that darkness seemed to have won, but Sunday is for remembering Jesus’ victory over the grave.  

Sunday consists of new outfits, an uplifting church service, and a gigantic family dinner at my aunts house every year.  Oh yea, there’s also Easter basket with chocolate bunnies and peeps (does anyone even eat those??).  Traditions. But there’s so much more to it than that.

Every year, I’m astounded at the Cross.  I’m astounded that Jesus loves me THAT much to die for me.  I’m astounded that He had the power to call down a legion of angels, to not hold the knuckles together that punched Him, to end it all with one word… but for me, and for you, He chose not to.  Every year I’m astounded by the truth that our Redeemer lives.

And this is a good reminder.  Every Christian should celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, for without it, our faith and life would be vain.  We should remember the Cross.  But we should remember His death and life every single day.  We should LIVE His death and life every single day.  

Only by a seed dying, does it sprout to life.  Only by dying to our flesh do we truly find life abundant.

This year, instead of meditating solely on the Cross, I’ve been overwhelmed with the reminder of LIFE.  As the weather felt like a summer day here in Philly, with the sun shining, the birds singing and life is blossoming on the trees and in the ground, LIFE is springing up all around me.  As we held our baby boy, we held a new LIFE.  As Jesus has been reviving my heart in this season, on the day we celebrate His LIFE after death, He is resurrecting me to LIFE.  This is the meaning of Easter – LIFE.  

Life isn’t always pretty; oftentimes its messy.  Really messy.  But the Maker of life overcame death, to offer a never-ending, beautiful life.  The life He offers is spiritual; its eternal.  It isn’t a clean, picture-perfect life; but it is surely LIFE.

Life means we are bound no more by the things leading to death.  Life means there is a hope that surpasses knowledge.  Life means a solid promise that this isn’t it; there’s far more and better ahead of us. Life means communion with the One who made you, loves you and rescued you from all that you couldn’t rescue yourself from.  Life means growth (after death).  Life means newness.  Life means peace.  Life means forever.  And this life is promised and offered by the One who made it and redeemed it. 

As life is budding in this season and as the trees gain their color, look around and be encouraged – God Almighty came to die and rise, to give you real LIFE after death. 


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