Hello and welcome to our site!  We are Brandon and Ashley Shackelford, but most importantly we are dedicated to living lives that reflect Christ.  We believe strongly in the Word of God, Spirit of God, and community of believers.  Our passion is for Christian community and to exhort others to live a life undivided to Jesus Christ and His calling.  This blog’s purpose is to do just that: encourage others in the Lord through different mediums, using the gifts He’s given us.  We pray that all who stop by are blessed, challenged and exhorted in Jesus’ victorious name.

Here’s the short version of our story: We met on a mountain top in Montana through Potters Field’s missions training program in July 2012.  We fell in love a few months later.  We spent 6 months in Africa, some time in San Jose, CA but eventually located to Philadelphia for Ashley to pursue her journalism degree. We finally married in July, 2015!

Throughout the years and travels, our common drive has been that we are bondservants of Christ.  We’ve chosen to wear the shackles of grace and love, always at our Master’s disposal so He may use us as He pleases and sees fit for His business of winning souls into His kingdom.  He is the resurrected King who resurrects us! He is already victorious and all we must do is stand in His victory. This is the truth and hope we want to share with others.

We pray that every person that visits this site senses the love of Jesus and call of Christ to live deeper in Him.

Blessings and thanks for stopping by,

Brandon and Ashley



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